A better title for this page probably would have been "Public Clocks" as not all large timepieces are located in towers. Clocks have been installed on the fronts of buildings, on posts on the sidewalk, and hung out over the fronts of buildings.

At one time or another I repaired or reboilt ALL the clocks on this page...except where noted. ALL locations shown are closed to the public. That's why they are here as they are out of sight and "hidden" for the most part.

The first series of photos is from a church in Mexico. The clock is of French origin and was not working at the time the photos were taken .

The second series of photos are of the historic Seth Thomas clock in the Fort Sam Houston Quadrangle Just try getting in THERE! .

Two interesting photos of an O. B. McClintock post clock are shown in Karnes City, Texas.

The Lussault turret clock in the Conventual Chapel of the Sacred Heart could be called "The French Clock That Came to Texas"

There is not another one of its kind in the United States.

Probably one of the most inaccessbile clocks in Texas is this extensively "butchered" Seth Thomas Tower Clock located in the Texas Department of Corrections Walls Unit in Huntsville, Texas.

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